Green Seed Realty - Window Shoppers
Green Seed Realty of Houston Texas

Green Seed Realty - Window Shoppers

Are You Just Looking For Now?

We are not about a high pressure sales approach or even closing volume. Each home buying experience is a unique experience with its own custom set of requirements and solutions.

At green seed realty, we begin with the question “Why are you selling your home?” and not “What do you think your home is worth?”

Cultivating Solutions

Through a better understanding of your motivation for selling, we can begin to create a strategy that will allow us to more efficiently market your home to meet your financial needs and timeline. As a client of green seed realty, you will benefit from our concierge-based philosophy of property marketing, including:

  • Experience and knowledge of the market and market conditions
  • Guidance on locating and understanding lenders and the loan process
  • An advocate for negotiations, from the sales price to necessary repairs
  • cheduling property inspections and disseminating the reports
  • A liaison between the title company and lender, to close on time

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